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Posted on: July 17, 2015

Most skin care routines involve more than one type of product. Applying skin care products in the proper order is essential to getting the most out of them. Order matters because some products can create a barrier between other products and skin, rendering any treatment products applied after their use less effective. Treatment products should be applied directly after washing. Products, as a general rule, should be applied lightest to heaviest. Lighter products, such as toner or serum, tend to be water-based, while heavier products, such as lotion or moisturizer, tend to be oil-based. Water-based products are absorbed into the skin more easily than heavier oil-based products are. Products should generally be applied in this order: 1. Wash your face. 2. Apply a toner. 3. Apply any treatment products such as prescription creams or over-the-counter serums. 4. Apply moisturizer or lotion. 5. Apply makeup. Using a toner before applying treatment products can make them more effective. Toner is designed to remove the top layer of dead skin cells after washing skin has removed a layer of oil and dirt, as well as balance the pH levels of the skin. If you use an exfoliating facial wash, sometimes you can skip using a toner. Once new skin cells have been exposed, the ingredients in skin care products can penetrate the skin more easily. You may need to allow time in between some products to make sure that they have fully absorbed into your skin before moving on to the next layer. Usually, 3-5 minutes is enough time to wait. So yes, order matters when it comes to enjoying the benefits skin care products. Although it sounds like a lot to remember, most people find that once they have it down, it is easy. Seeing optimal results is worth the extra effort.

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