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Posted on: February 7, 2018

Should I Have A Massage Right After Being Physically Hurt?

You Should Talk To a Physician About Healing Bodywork

When you have an injury from playing sports or after a vehicle collision, you may wonder about the pros and cons of having massage therapy at your favorite spa. First, it is always important to discuss alternative treatments with a physician. If a physician tells you that it is acceptable to have bodywork, then you must determine what type of treatment is acceptable. 

What Are the Benefits Of Bodywork? 

In some cases, having massage therapy directly on an injury is not advised, but a physician may tell you that bodywork on a different area of your body is a great idea because it increases your blood circulation, improves your immune system and helps with relaxation. If you have clearance for bodywork from your physician, then make sure to inform the massage therapist about your problem. 

Communicate With Your Therapist 

A massage therapist is trained to understand your physical anatomy, so she will know where your muscles, bones, and ligaments are before beginning any type of bodywork. You should remain in communication with the massage therapist so that if you experience any discomfort, then you can inform her immediately. 

Request Aromatic Products During Your Bodywork 

If you want to increase the relaxation benefits from massage therapy after an injury, then you will want to use other treatments. A spa will have an assortment of scented oils that will help you to relax while you heal, including: 

• Peppermint – warms the muscles, ligaments, and tendons
• Lemon – contains antioxidants to eliminate free radicals
• Lavender – promotes restful sleep
• Frankincense – controls inflammation and discomfort 
• Eucalyptus – reduces pain in the joints and muscles 
• Clove – improves the condition of your immune system 
• Rosemary – contains antibacterial properties 

While undergoing bodywork, you can listen to quiet instrumental music that promotes relaxation.

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