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Posted on: March 10, 2017

Seeking Corporate Clients

Three Ways to Advertise Your Massage Services

If you are an independent massage therapist, then you must seek new clientele on a regular basis to earn a living. Today, having on-site corporate clients is an excellent way to earn an income in the professional massage industry. To increase your clientele, you must understand how to market yourself. Use these methods to begin getting bookings from corporate clients.

1: Have a Business Website

Today, everyone is looking online to find services, and that means that you need a fantastic business website that is accessible to a computer or mobile device. Make sure that your website has information about your professional licensing along with your services. Have a list of price points for your individual services and your package deals. In addition to a variety of massages, have a list of your other services, including:

• Facials – cleansing or moisturizing the facial skin
• Manicure – trimming and polishing the fingernails
• Reflexology – pressure point therapy on the soles of the feet
• Aromatherapy – fragrant essential oils and scented candles
• Pedicure – soaking the feet, trimming the toenails and adding polish
• Hair removal – threading of the eyebrows and waxing of other body areas
• Makeup – professional application of makeup
• Hair care – haircuts, styling, and dyeing

2: Carry Business Cards With You

Have a printing company’s graphic artist design attractive business cards for you. Make sure to have your website’s address along with a telephone number on the business cards to attract more clientele. Carry the business cards with you everywhere to give to potential clients, and also, post the items on community bulletin boards at supermarkets or public libraries.

3: Have a Logo-embellished Service Van

If you are going to work with corporate clients, then you must carry a lot of equipment to an on-site location to provide services such as a pedicure or manicure. Have a service van for your massage company that is embellished with an attractive logo. As you drive around your city, anyone requiring a massage therapist will notice your service van and will write down your company’s name or telephone number to contact you.

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