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Posted on: June 10, 2020

Schools Out! Get More Study Time

COVID-19 continues to affect all aspects of life. Because of it, spa schools close and prevent a spa student from studying. However, you can take advantage of this situation and turn it into study time for your future in the spa industry. Let's look at some ways that you can use this time effectively for your future career.

Web Searches

Spend some time going through search engines to see what you can find out about your career. For example, if something doesn't make sense to you as a makeup specialist, then you could search your questions online and look for answers. On top of this, you can also lookup news related to the spa industry and see if it will affect you in the future.


If you don't like to read through web pages or grab books, then you may benefit from looking up videos instead. Videos work as a great way to access information in a simplified and shorter medium. This makes it an excellent option for those that want to save time or directly seeing how it works for those that learn visually.

Online Databases

While videos and web searches can provide you information, you should also look into online databases. See what journals you can find about your profession and learn from them. This will allow you to find verified sources that have been reviewed by scholars.


Even though the coronavirus may prevent you from going to school, you can still turn your home into a learning space. Don't sit around and do nothing all day: focus on learning and improving yourself to prepare for your profession. Doing so will help you to become an amazing esthetician, massage therapist, or anything else you want to be.

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