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Posted on: May 29, 2015

At some point, most estheticians and massage therapists will find themselves faced with an extremely modest client. This client isn't comfortable enough to truly enjoy the spa experience. These clients may be hesitant to undress, may be uncomfortable receiving standard procedures such as a bikini wax. In order to do your job, it's important to ease your client into a relaxed state of mind, and to encourage them to simply enjoy the experience. Body language says it all. Theirs will let you know that they are feeling uncomfortable. It's in your best interest to convey a sense of peace and calm, and to foster a safe environment. Tone is also important here. Let them know you are an expert, this is your passion, and it's what you do everyday for dozens of happy clients! Keep positive and relaxed. Encourage your client to remove what clothing they're comfortable removing. Offer a robe or let them know you will use a towel to cover areas that they don't want exposed. The purpose of a massage therapy session is to experience deep relaxation, soothe aching muscles, ease the body, and to leave the client with a long-lasting sense of well-being. This is important for the client to understand. Convey your experience to them to ensure them that you can be trusted. In the event of a modest client at the esthetician's office, the same principles apply. Keep confident and ease the client into the experience. Let them know that this is something you do everyday. It's your job to make them happy, to treat them to a day of pampering so that they walk away feeling confident and beautiful. Follow these steps and listen to your intuition. If you do, your modest client could turn out to be one of your most faithful.

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