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Posted on: December 27, 2017

Put to Rest Some Common Myths About Massage Therapy

Many people who might benefit from receiving massage therapy are reluctant to even entertain the idea, based on their own fears and misconceptions. Here, we'll address some of the most common myths that keep individuals from enjoying the full benefits offered by a standard day spa massage.

All Massages are the Same

There are a variety of massages that serve a wide range of purposes. Spa treatments, for instance, are intended to relax the individual and relieve stress, while sports massages are given to players to keep the joints, muscles, and tendons performing at peak condition. The therapeutic massages given to patients are designed to encourage better healing of injuries.

Massage Therapy Spreads Cancer Cells

One common misconception is that massaging the body can cause cancer cells to spread, but this is a baseless fear. In fact, oncologists often recommend massages to their patients to help fight cancer. In order for cancerous cells to be spread throughout the body, the massage therapist would have to massage the tumor hard enough to smash it and work the tumor fragments throughout the body.

Massages Are Expensive

While the exact cost depends on the individual therapist, even spa treatments aren't as costly as people assume. Typically, a massage appointment lasting one full hour will cost less than most people spend on lattes for a month. One session will generally cost between $60-$90.

You Will Have to Undress for Strangers

Here is another fear that keeps people from enjoying the benefits of a day spa treatment, but one that is also without good cause. The client's privacy is always respected and most offices offer private rooms. Therapists are trained and certified, so you can rest easy that nothing inappropriate will happen during your session.

Will There be Pain?

People also avoid massages, because they fear the treatments will be painful. Unlike physical exercise, pain isn't a requirement for an effective treatment, although there can be discomfort if you tense up or hold your breath. If you do feel pain, communicate this to your therapist and he will likely be able to alleviate it through different techniques.

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