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Posted on: July 22, 2015

Pregnancy and Massage

During pregnancy, women receive an overwhelming amount of advice on what choices they should be making. While much of this advice is well-meant, sorting out the myths from the facts can be difficult. Fortunately, it's easy to discover the truth about pregnancy massage.

Myths About Pregnancy Massage

While scientists do not understand exactly why it works, numerous studies have shown massage therapy is a form of healing touch that can reduce pain, improve sleep and encourage relaxation. These seem like things pregnant women could benefit from, but some are reluctant to try massage because they believe that receiving a massage might put them at risk of a miscarriage. Some mothers-to-be are told that massage is unsafe during the first trimester. Others are instructed to avoid massage of the feet and ankles. In truth, there is no evidence linking massage and miscarriage. While there are acupressure points on the feet and ankles that encourage uterine activity, a trained massage therapist can easily avoid them, allowing a pregnant woman to safely experience the positive aspects of massage.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Even the most joyful of pregnancies is an emotionally and physically trying time for the expectant mother. For many women, worry, stress and physical discomfort are frequent companions. Massage therapy is a wonderful, safe way to address these difficulties. Pregnancy massage can ease the aches and pains of pregnancy, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, help a woman to sleep better, and increase positive hormones that improve mood and combat depression. A licensed massage therapist can adjust their technique and their facilities to accommodate the demands of pregnancy, allowing a mother-to-be to benefit from massage throughout the entire pregnancy.

Pregnancy massage may feel like a luxury, but it offers significant benefits. Women who receive massage during their pregnancy often feel better and tend to have fewer complications during their labor. That makes it easier to enjoy this exciting time.

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