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Posted on: March 17, 2016

Massage Therapists and Chiropractors: Pick Your Partner!

A partnership between a chiropractor and a licensed massage therapist can substantially benefit both parties. Although massage therapy is generally included in a chiropractor's scope of practice, chiropractic medicine focuses on the manipulation of the skeleton while the massage therapist focuses on manipulation of the soft tissues. The two modalities are inextricably linked since both massage therapy and chiropractic medicine involve the framework of the body; the skeleton supports the body and the muscles move the skeleton. Sometimes, chiropractic manipulation can result in stiffness to the surrounding soft tissues. Having the services of a licensed massage therapist in the office might alleviate some of the soreness, whether used before or after the treatment, because it encourages circulation of the blood, lymph, and interstitial fluids that are essential for healing. Massaging, whether before or after the treatment, can extend the benefit of the chiropractic treatment by increasing the circulation to the treated area. However, when a patient receives a massage before the adjustment, the patient is more relaxed and the adjustment can be more effective. Chiropractors can extend the scope of services offered to their patients by providing a room for massage therapy, relaxation, and meditation. Massage therapists can increase their client base by partnering with a chiropractor for massage and providing classes on meditation and relaxation for the clients. When both contribute to the marketing costs, a wider customer base is reached, so the marketing is more effective. By combining their services, both parties are able to increase the overall well-being of their client base as well offer a more well-rounded service to their clients. Since the therapist will pay rent on the room, the chiropractor can generate revenue on a room that otherwise would remain unused. This type of partnership benefits both parties.

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