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Posted on: June 28, 2017

Oh These Darn Freckles!

Freckles, how many of us have them. For some, they are a unique blessing given at birth. For others, they are a sign of disregard to basic skin care guidelines.

Ever discovered a beauty mark somewhere on your body that you never noticed before? There is a high possibility that that beauty mark is in fact evidence of sun damage. What happens after one too many days in the sun without proper protection?

When exposed to excessive amounts of UV sun rays without sunscreen, the skin reacts by forming clumps of the protective chemical melanin, appearing as flat brown or black freckles. These dark spots appear most commonly on the face but can also form on any part of the skin exposed to the sun such as the arms and shoulders.

They are not the end of the world, nonetheless, you should be concerned. Dark spots are more times than not an omen that if you don’t take steps to protect your skin now, you may suffer worse afflictions such as melanoma or other skin cancers.

On the bright side, sun damage on the skin is reversible. Many underestimate the benefits of skin care products when it comes to repairing already damaged skin. There are various skin care products on the market that cater to healing these freckle spots. Applying skin care products with the right ingredients will make you forget about misplaced freckles altogether.

Try products containing ingredients such as glycolic acid or hydroquinone. These are natural compounds used in various skin care products to lighten dark patches on the skin. Retinoids are also a great skin care product for correcting dark spots caused by sun exposure. The benefits of skin care products containing retinoic acid are increased turnover of pigmented cells and reduce acne breakouts.

Applying skin care products designed to treat sun damage into your skin care regimen will not only reverse but prevent sun damage on the skin.

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