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Posted on: May 1, 2019

Mental Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

The stresses of modern life not only take their tolls on the brain, but they have an amazingly powerful hold on the body. The muscles and nerves are secondary to a person’s mental state and degree of relaxation. If the brain is stressed, the body is sure to fall in line.

Many of the best massage therapy providers are now concentrating their professional efforts on elements of stress reduction through simple day spa treatments. Once spa experiences were only exercises in luxury. They are now enhanced because they pay attention to the mental and emotional needs of clients.

How Does Body Massage Affect Wellness?

When a person is stressed for long periods, hormonal factors begin to act on the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is released by the brain when a person encounters stress. This hormone negatively acts upon the body. Digestion, muscle integrity, calorie burning, and body repair can all be stalled when stress hormones flood the system.

If a person can become relaxed, these hormonal actions are reduced and countered. One of the best relaxation strategies is spa treatment that involves directed massage therapy. If a person has trouble addressing body concerns with mental states, a licensed massage therapist can administer touch that allows the brain to rest and rejuvenate. In short, body discomfort that is caused by stress in the brain can be alleviated with specific forms of massage.

Prolonged Stress Without Relief Can Result In Depression

If a person experiences a continual flow of negative hormonal reactions without relief, they become prime candidates for developing depression. Depression happens when the body and brain sense that there is no alternative to feeling “down.” Many people can experience a reversal of depressive feelings with therapies that involve body massage. 

Mental health is intimately tied to the health and wellness of the body. Simple massage techniques can be extremely useful when trying to reverse the negative effects of stress. When the brain registers positive physical feelings, it is likely to curb the flow of destructive hormones. The relaxation provided by professional spa massage technicians is powerful in deterring things like stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. Consider a massage from a professional spa team to be an invaluable weapon when fighting things in life that create tension.

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