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Posted on: September 23, 2020

Meditation to Help Spa Students De-Stress

As a spa student, you probably lead a busy life. After all, squeezing practice or study time for exams into an already busy life full of family, work, and other obligations can feel impossible. What is needed is a way to restore a sense of calm to each day.

To help future clients feel rejuvenated, you must first have enough inner peace to exude quiet confidence. Many therapy modalities are incredibly personal, requiring physical touch. Therefore, you need to feel the calm relaxation you wish to impart to them.

Meditation is a health and wellness practice that involves deep thinking to improve attention and expand awareness. Research has shown that meditation practice can help reduce blood pressure and symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. It can also help individuals better cope with anxiety, depression, or other health and wellness challenges.

If meditation conjures up images of sitting crossed-legged on a yoga mat, you're not alone. Sitting still for hours, or even one hour, isn't for everyone, either. Fortunately, meditation doesn't need to involve yoga mats or even sitting.

Since the point of meditation is to increase focus, anything that demands sufficient and specialized concentration can be made into meditation. For example, some prefer to meditate while engaged in repetitive movements such as knitting or another handicraft. Others prefer to take a mindful walk or run around their neighborhood as meditation. Still, others prefer to sit in a chair or couch and focus on a single word or thought.

As you can see, these various kinds of meditation share the common element of focus on one thing at a time. Whether that one thing is one breath, stitch or step is not critical. What is essential is the improved awareness and attention you can bring to your future spa clients.

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