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Posted on: March 8, 2016

Maybe It's Not The Right Time For a Massage

Massage therapy offers many benefits, such as meditation and relaxation. However, there are some times when a massage is not recommended. That is why communication with the massage therapy client is extremely important. Below is a list of contraindications for massage therapy:


You Have Rashes


Rashes are one of the contraindications for massage therapy. A rash could be a sign of a number of health problems, including eczema or a skin allergy. It is best to have a rash inspected by a physician before you get a massage. Rubbing the area can cause further irritation.


You Have Suffered An Injury


Massages not only help with meditation and relaxation, but they can also promote healing. However, it is not a good idea to see a massage therapist if you have recently suffered an injury and have not consulted with a doctor. Massaging the injured area can irritate the nerves.


You Have An Infection


One of the reasons that communication with the massage therapy client is important is because infections can easily spread. If you have an infection, then you should wait until it clears up before you see a massage therapist. You probably will not get a lot out of your massage therapy session if you are sick.


Massage therapists have very busy schedules. That is why you should contact customer service as soon as possible if you know that you will not be able to keep your appointment.


You Have An Uncontrolled Chronic Condition


A massage therapist can help improve the symptoms of a chronic condition. However, if you have a chronic condition that is not under control, then you should consult with a doctor first. Customer service representatives in the office will likely ask you to fill out a form that gives information about your health history.

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