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Posted on: April 9, 2018

Massage Therapy Treatment For Diabetics

It is estimated that 29 million people in America have diabetes. There are a variety of treatments that are available for diabetes. You can use massage therapy to manage this condition. There are many benefits of massage for diabetics.

Increased Circulation

One of the benefits of massage therapy for diabetics is that it helps improve blood circulation. This helps improve insulin sensitivity and glucose control. However, it is important for diabetics to check their blood sugar after they have a massage therapy session. Many people notice that their blood sugar goes down instantly after they get a massage.


Massage therapy helps a diabetic relax. The mental and physical stress of having a chronic condition can take a toll on a person. Relaxing can help calm the nervous system. This can improve glucose control because stress can make it harder to control blood sugar.

Improve Flexibility

Increased blood sugar can cause the tissue to thicken. This can decrease the range of motion. Massage helps improve joint mobility. This can make it easier for people to complete their activities of daily living.

Lower Blood pressure

Another one of the benefits of massage therapy for diabetics is that it lowers blood pressure. Many diabetics suffer from high blood pressure. If high blood pressure is left untreated, then it can lead to a number of complications.

Helps Alleviate Neuropathy

Neuropathy is one of the most common diabetic complications. It occurs as the result of nerve damage and can cause numbness in the fingers, toes, hands, and legs. One of the benefits of a massage for diabetics is that it can alleviate the pain associated with neuropathy. In fact, it can improve the neuropathy itself by improving circulation.

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