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Posted on: October 22, 2018

Massage Therapy Treatment Can Help Your Indigestion

Visit a Spa for Indigestion Treatment 

There are different types of massage therapy treatments for particular ailments of the body, including for stomach or intestinal pain that is caused by indigestion. Almost everyone has indigestion occasionally because she ate too much at a holiday buffet or because she ate greasy junk food at a party. Rather than taking antacids that can cause side effects such as constipation, you can visit a day spa to request massage therapy for your indigestion. 

Chronic Health Conditions 

A licensed massage therapist receives training in human anatomy and physiology so that she will understand the body's internal organs, including the digestive system. When you visit a day spa, discuss your health concerns with the licensed massage therapist so that she can recommend a particular type of bodywork. You may have indigestion from making poor food choices, but you might have a chronic condition such as acid reflux or irritable bowel syndrome. 

Overcome Emotional Stress 

Conditions such as these are aggravated by stress, so soothing massage therapy with the healing touch from a licensed massage therapist can reduce your anxious feelings. With a reduction in stress, your body's digestive tract will produce less acid so that you don't experience bloating, nausea or flatulence. Massage therapy on the lower back or abdominal area can also stimulate your body’s glands to increase the release of hormones that will heal your body naturally. 

Feel the Results for Several Days 

This type of massage will also stimulate the muscles in your torso to eliminate the gas from the intestinal tract or to relieve your constipation. During the massage therapy for indigestion, you may belch or pass gas, helping you to feel better immediately, but you will continue to enjoy the healing touch from your professional bodywork for several days.

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