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Posted on: April 19, 2016

Does Massage Therapy Really Help Diabetics?

People who live with type 1 or type 2 diabetes know that taking care of themselves is essential. You do your best to prepare meals that are nutritious and also include ingredients that don’t trigger spikes and sharp dips in your blood glucose levels. Along with a sensible diet and regular exercise, including massage therapy in the mix is something you won’t regret. Here are some reasons why massage for diabetics makes sense.

Alleviating Stress

There’s no way that you can eliminate all stress from your life, but it’s in your best interests to manage it well. Did you know that stress and tension can cause your body to hoard glucose? If you’re exercising and eating properly and still wonder why your levels are still out of sync even when you eat properly, that is the likely the reason. One of the benefits of massage therapy for diabetics is easing stress. As your body and mind relax, the natural impulse to store more glucose will disappear. Thanks to those massage benefits at the day spa, you’ll be healthier.

Improving Circulation

You also have to be concerned about blood circulation. Massage for diabetics helps to improve circulation. That trip to the day spa for a round of massage will translate into fewer problems with your legs in the years to come. Since a loss of sensation is one of the complications of diabetes, anything you can do to keep the circulation healthy is to your benefit.

 It Feels Good

Massage therapy feels good. You will feel more refreshed after a session and that translates into feeling ready to take on the rest of your day. Consider this to be one of the massage benefits that improves your quality of life overall, not just your ability to control your condition. There are more benefits of massage therapy for diabetics that you can explore with your doctor. Think about including a massage at least two or three times a week in your schedule. Once you see the benefits of massage for diabetics, you’ll consider those sessions just as important as your workouts, taking your medication, and following a reasonable diet.

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