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Posted on: December 4, 2017

Massage Therapy For Colicky Babies

If your baby is pretty healthy but cries uncontrollably for several days, colic could be the culprit. Although the origin of the disorder is still not completely understood, it is believed to be related to some type of stomach ailment. While there are some ways to relieve the symptoms such as diet and even gripe water (an antigas), there may be more conventional methods to help relieve the baby and parents get a good night's sleep.

Spa treatments like massage therapy can help relieve the symptoms of colic. This process is performed in 3 steps: First, gently rub a massage oil over the baby's body. Glide in downward strokes over the chest, shoulder, rib cage and stomach. Rub oil over the baby's gently-bent knees. Rubbing the oil around the belly button is believed to help better digestion and the ability to pass gas. All of this can be performed at home or even at a day spa. 

The basic benefit of massage therapy is it is believed to help aid in the bodies natural ability to expel trapped gases. Once the gas is expelled, the baby will feel instant relief. Some doctors believe that intestines that are kinked have much to do with the development of colic. A day spa therapist can help move the gas downward and through the intestine.

According to a study outlined in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, massage therapy lowers anxiety and stress levels in infants. The therapy also reported overall better clinical outcomes. Additional studies show that the therapy works just as well as other vibration devices used in the crib. 

Although the massage spa treatments show that this type seems promising, parents who believe that they are dealing with a colicky baby should always seek out the advice of a physician.

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