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Posted on: August 28, 2019

Massage Therapists Self-Care Tips

As a licensed massage therapist, you must manage your own self-care to avoid having problems with your hands, wrists, elbows or shoulders. The constant use of your arms and hands during massage therapy treatments can lead to inflammation in the joints, tendons or muscles, but you can learn to heal yourself to avoid serious health problems. Use these health and wellness tips frequently to keep your body in the best condition for your job.

Tip 1: Exercise or Stretching Techniques

Learn a variety of exercise techniques that include stretching your arms to avoid having muscle cramps in your elbows or shoulders along with performing finger-wiggling movements to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tip 2: Cold and Heat Therapy

After a massage therapy session, you can apply ice packs or heating pads to your hands, shoulders or arms. While at work, you can place your hands in cold or hot water baths to soothe the joints in your fingers to prevent stiffness and pain.

Tip 3: Special Braces

Look for special braces for your hands, wrists, elbows or shoulders to support your tender muscles and joints. By wearing these braces after you leave work, you can prevent problems in your body that can keep you from working as a licensed massage therapist.

Tip 4: Applications of Pain-relieving Ointments

Visit a drugstore to find ointments that can relieve the pain in your shoulders, arms, and hands. Some of these products are water-resistant, so you can use the substances while you are working as a licensed massage therapist.

Tip 5: Learn How to Meditate at Work and at Home

Meditation is a great self-care technique to help you overcome the discomfort from providing massage therapy services. By focusing your thoughts and clearing your mind, it is possible to reduce the inflammation in your body.

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