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Posted on: November 17, 2016

Colicky Babies Are Unable to Sleep

If your new baby is fussy for several hours a day, then she may have infantile colic. Numerous babies have this problem, and a parent might try to change their child’s formula or sleeping arrangements to help them feel better. However, most babies continue to experience this uncomfortable condition for several months, and it is nearly impossible to soothe a child who has infantile colic.

Relieving Intense Gastrointestinal Cramping

The babies who have gastrointestinal cramping often pull their legs up to their abdomen to find relief, but those movements are not helpful. Fortunately, a massage from an experienced therapist can help your baby feel relief from painful stomach and intestinal cramps. When you call a day spa to schedule massage therapy for your child, request a therapist who understands how to provide spa treatments to tiny infants.

Parents Can Learn How to Perform Infant Massages

The right type of massage therapy on a baby can relax their muscles enough that the child is able to fall asleep. A massage for infantile colic involves applying gentle stroking motions on a baby’s abdominal region and back. While at a day spa, a parent can see how a therapist performs this massage so that they can repeat the process at home anytime their child is experiencing discomfort.

Hydrotherapy Can Also Help a Baby Feel Better

Additional spa treatments for colicky babies include hydrotherapy in special bathtubs that have warm and swirling water. When parents visit a day spa, they can also request massage therapy to help them overcome the stresses of having a colicky baby who prevents restful sleep. Parents can remain in the same room with their child, or it is possible to go to different areas of the spa for specialized spa treatments.

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