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Posted on: November 17, 2015

Manage Your Mood!

Improve Your Mood


If you are frequently in a bad mood, then maybe it is caused by the food choices you are making each day. While you might remember to eat healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you also need to consume good snack food. There is nothing wrong with eating between meals, and in fact, nutritionists suggest that it is an essential way to keep your physical energy levels high.


Fast to Prepare


Choosing food to better your mood begins while shopping for groceries because if you bring unhealthy foods such as cookies and cake into your home, then the temptation is too close to resist. When you crave a tasty snack food, you want something that is quick to prepare, easy to serve and is simple to eat while watching television or surfing on the Internet.


Adjust Your Recipes


Making a few adjustments to a favorite snack can turn it into good comfort food instead. Rather than having prepackaged microwavable popcorn that is saturated with salt and high-calorie oils, you can make air-popped popcorn and sprinkle it with nutritious and low-calorie grated Parmesan cheese. This variety of popcorn is a great replacement for greasy corn or potato chips because it still offers a delectable crunchy flavor.


Good Snack Food


When you are seeking a food to better your mood, you can always choose seasonal vegetables or fruit to slice into bite-size cubes or slices. If you think that plain fruit or vegetables are boring, then learn to perk up one of these good snack foods by making a quick and delicious dip. You can melt a small amount of dark chocolate in a microwave oven to use as a dip for strawberries, or you might prefer melting a few caramel candies to use for dipping sliced apples.

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