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Posted on: February 20, 2019

Makeup Allergies - Symptoms and Treatments

It is thought that approximately one-third of all people that use makeup and skincare products will have an allergic reaction to it at some time during their lives. This can range from a simple skin rash to a full-blown allergic reaction. It can be the result of using a new product for the first time or a product that you have used for years and causes a sudden reaction. 

There are many ingredients in both makeup and skin care products that are suspect any time someone has a bad reaction. One of the first suspects is fragrance. The fragrance may be present but not noticeable; it is used many times to cover the odor of the chemical ingredients in the products. It is wise to look for products that are labeled "fragrance-free" or "without perfume". 

Any make-up and skincare product that has water in it must also have preservatives in it. Many times these preservatives cause an undesirable reaction. 

The symptoms of an allergic reaction can range from simple skin irritation and redness to burning, stinging, itch, and blisters to the area where the product was used. 

Obviously, the first thing you would want to do when experiencing a bad reaction would be to remove as much of the product as possible very quickly. A cool dampened cloth would be good to lay on the area. If this does not stop the reaction within a reasonable amount of time you will want to seek help. 

A great resource to help with a simple skin reaction would be a licensed esthetician. You can locate one at a day spa. These are individuals who have studied extensively the skin structure and products that go on the skin. An esthetician should be able to help you treat your skin and also to help you locate products that do not cause skin irritation. Most day spas carry a line of high-end makeup and skincare products and will be happy to make recommendations for you. 

You may also find a line of hypoallergenic makeup and skincare products in all price ranges wherever you normally buy your beauty products. Whether or not you have experienced a bad reaction to skincare products, the hypoallergenic products would be a good, safe way to go and might help you to avoid pain and irritation to your skin.

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