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Posted on: March 17, 2017

Lymphatic Massage Benefits

What Is Lymphatic Massage?

If you have lymphedema, then massage therapy can relieve your discomfort. Lymphedema is a medical condition that affects the lymph glands that are located throughout your body. When you have this condition, you experience fluid retention and tissue swelling that leads to discolored skin and discomfort. Massage treatments from a knowledgeable massage therapist are an excellent way to disperse the excess fluid that is in some of your swollen tissues. Manual manipulation of the lymph glands helps to release the excess fluid so that it travels back into your bloodstream.

Different Types of Massage Therapy

When your physician recommends lymphatic massage for your condition, make sure to get a written prescription for the specialized massage treatments to receive reimbursement from your insurance company. Find a therapist who understands how to perform lymphatic massage for particular regions of your body, including the feet or arms. There are different types of massage therapy that are suitable for lymphedema, including:

• Casley-Smith – redirecting the excess lymph fluid
• Foldi – focuses on treating several lymph nodes
• Leduc – uses medical imaging to find affected lymph nodes
• Vadder – uses rhythmic hand massage

Massage therapy for lymphedema typically uses gentle stroking movements to help the excess fluid return to your bloodstream to reduce tissue swelling and discoloration.

The Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

There are several benefits of lymphatic massage, including:

• Reducing tissue swelling
• Releasing blocked fluid
• Reducing pain
• Increasing mobility
• Promoting healing

To improve your lymphedema, you will need to have multiple massages at certain intervals. The goal of these forms of treatments is to move the excess lymph fluid from the swollen tissues of your body into a new region where the lymph glands work normally. After the fluid moves into a healthy region, it travels through the bloodstream to reduce your tissue swelling and pain.

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