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Posted on: April 26, 2017

Let's Talk About Athlete's Foot!

Athlete's foot is seen as an embarrassing condition that appears as a red, scaly rash between the toes and sometimes on the soles and sides of the feet. Going to the spa or wearing sandals with athlete's foot is mortifying. While an esthetician may or may not be trained to help cure fungal infections, they would be able to identify it and suggest getting treatment. So how did the athlete's foot develop in the first place?

It's hard to pinpoint the causes of athlete's foot, as far as where it was contracted. A fungus that loves to grow in humid, moist surroundings such as shoes, socks and wet towels causes the itching and redness. People are more likely to pick up this fungus if they visit places like public pools and communal showers, or if they share living spaces with someone who has contracted the fungus. It's important to take care of the rash as soon as possible because the fungus that causes of athlete's foot can spread to other areas of the body, such as hands and groin areas.

Curing athlete's foot, in mild incidences, includes over-the-counter lotions, creams or sprays. More severe cases may require prescription anti-fungal pills from a physician. Daily foot care is extremely important in the recurrence of a fungal infection.

Visiting an esthetician for a foot facial can be a beneficial part of the daily foot care routine, even if it's just done monthly. Foot facials can remove dry, dead skin, tone down callouses, and smooth freshly revealed skin. Curing athlete's foot is not as easy as preventing it in the first place but if you visit your esthetician for regular foot care, your feet will remain healthy and beautiful.

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