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Posted on: January 31, 2016

The makeup tech or makeup artist knows all about the pretty. Their job is to create a better you, a lovelier version and an enhancement of your features. That is why, when a skilled professional gives out beauty knowledge, you should listen, because they understand how to take a blank canvas, your face, and make it WOW!   The first step is developing proper skin care and really knowing the type of complexion you have. Is your skin dry, oily, combination, sensitive, etc.? Figuring out this skin care basic is essential, because the skin cleansers and makeup you choose will play an incredible role in how you look.   Beauty science has come a long way, and we are now able to choose from a huge variety of skin cleansers and products that have revolutionized skin care. Today, a skin care product can tackle more than dry skin or oily faces. Skin cleansers can hydrate, fight acne, prevent wrinkles, reduce spots, etc.   Dry skin is prone to dehydration, so this type needs tender loving care and both oil and water to quench its thirst. A dry skin facial is designed to allow these elements to penetrate into the pores and gently exfoliate, getting rid of dead skin cell build-up. A dry skin facial should become part of your beauty routine. The lesson here, is to choose the right skin care product to keep pores glowing and gorgeous.   Your makeup tech can suggest basic makeup tips that will serve you well. A foundation not only evens out skin tone, but acts as the makeup building-block. Blush adds warmth and dimension to a face. Mascara creates definition to lashes, allowing eyes to appear larger, and a lip color adds balance to the entire face. Basic makeup tips like these are attractive and not over-done.

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