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Posted on: August 9, 2016

Customer retention is a majority priority for virtually all businesses, and that is particularly true if you have a great deal of competition. Individuals who want to procure a massage or other skincare treatment generally have a few options, so you want to ensure that your esthetician client management skills are strong.  

Clearly Advertise Services

Some people have never procured a massage or the services of an esthetician before. Therefore, they may feel some anxiety when they walk into your establishment. Clear signs announcing the available services and prices encourages them to browse in a non-hostile manner. If you recommend or require appointments, a sign indicating that information is useful so that customers know they may have to wait.  

Pay Attention to Requests

Individuals who obtain massage therapy or other services from an esthetician are usually looking to relax and rejuvenate. As a result, you should train your staff members to adhere to client requests. For example, some people may want to eliminate certain parts of a service. At times, staff members may have to reject the clients' requests, but they must learn to do so in a positive way.  

Offer Discounts and Specials

If you start to offer price reductions all of the time, customers may question the integrity of your business. However, starting a program that rewards regular customers with discounts or specials encourages people to pick your massage therapy studio or office in the future. You can also advertise these discounts around town to draw in other clients and to remind your current clients that they have offers waiting. Esthetician client management is important to the success of your business. Since you and your team members work closely with the customers, you have myriad opportunities to establish decor and to encourage them to pick your business in the future.

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