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Posted on: September 11, 2020

Jobs You Can Do After Massage Therapy Training and Licensing

Massage therapy plays a vital role in manipulating the body's tissues and muscles, significantly reducing stress, relieving pain, and improving flexibility. Many people are opting to get this therapy for relaxation and therapeutic purposes.

There are several job opportunities available after attaining massage therapy training and licensing. The number of jobs in this industry has been increasing over the years. Gone are the days when massage services were only offered in spas. The growth and expansion of this industry have increased the areas where massage services can be provided.

The medical world is among the sectors that have created many job opportunities for massage therapists. Other different settings that offer massage therapists jobs include resorts, gyms, wellness centers, salons, and fitness studios. Besides, a licensed massage therapist can specialize in sports massage, prenatal massage, infant massage, reflexology, and myofascial release therapy.

Below are jobs you can do after getting a massage training and licensing.

Physical therapy assistant

They work under the instruction of an experienced physical therapist. Massage therapy education comes in handy in helping patients recover from conditions that prohibit the body's normal physical functioning by giving professional massage services.

Chiropractic assistant

A massage practitioner is best suited to become an assistant chiropractor since they understand how to manipulate and adjust body structures. Chiropractic assistants also help with patient management and achieving overall wellness.

Yoga instructor

Massage therapists can become yoga instructors since they understand how to handle clients who may require exercises that enhance flexibility before beginning strenuous activities. A yoga instructor is responsible for helping people achieve physical and mental relaxation

Occupational therapist

The skills and expertise in massage practices are useful in helping people regain the performance of skills lost through injury or illness. Occupational therapy restores patients independence and confidence.

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