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Posted on: April 28, 2015

Skin Cancer Screening

Many individuals forget the importance of having an annual skin cancer screening to catch problems in early stages to begin medical treatment. There are several types of skin cancer that have noticeable signs that are easy for anyone to see. While over 16,000 people die from skin cancer each year in the United States, approximately 5 million individuals are diagnosed with the condition.

A Visual Examination

These statistics reveal that diagnosing skin cancer in its earliest stages leads to a higher survival rate. Since the late 1970s, the Skin Cancer Foundation headquartered in New York City has dedicated itself to teaching the public about detection, prevention and treatment of various types of skin cancer. A visual examination by a dermatologist can find squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma or basal cell carcinoma.

Symptoms of Cancer

The symptoms of basal cell carcinoma include a raised or shiny area of skin that has a reddish hue. While this form of skin cancer rarely spreads to internal organs, it requires removal and biopsy to determine its variety. Alternatively, squamous cell skin cancer does spread and has a similar appearance to basal cell skin cancer with an ulcer or hard lump.

Effective Medical Treatments

The most dangerous form of skin cancer is melanoma that affects moles with changes in color and size. A dermatologist can complete a whole-body examination of a patient to find signs of problems that indicate skin cancer. With an early diagnosis of skin cancer, there are effective treatments to remove the diseased tissue.

Skin Care Products

Anyone can develop skin cancer, but older individuals are diagnosed more because sunscreen skin care products were not available in the past. Today, dermatologists know that proper skin care before exposure to ultraviolet sunlight is the best way to avoid skin cancer.

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