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Posted on: August 16, 2019

It's Been a Real Buggy Summer

The dog days of summer have left us reeling from the constant nagging bug bites. The ever-present heat and humidity create the ideal environment for mosquitoes and other biting insects to breed. Insect repellent is the best method to protect your skin and it can be incorporated into an easy skincare routine.

Insect repellent products and Skin Care

Most people do not immediately think about their skincare products and bug repellent in the same though but the two are connected. There are many high-quality products that pamper the skin while also repelling troublesome bugs. Too often the reason we get bug bites is that we are unprepared. Keeping bug repellent skincare products on hand will ensure that you have then when the need arises to go to an outdoor event. It can be a part of getting ready to go out, simply add it into your line up of regularly used products.

How to Select the Right Insect Repellent

Sprays, creams, and lotions are available to meet everyone's needs and preferences. Gone are the days where the only options carried a strong, unpleasant scent. Now, there are many scent-free or lightly scented options that can be used in an easy skincare routine that will protect your skin from ugly and itchy bites. Avoid harsh chemical ingredients that can irritate the skin. Natural occurring ingredients work just as well and are gentle on your skin while also offering other benefits such as moisturization.

The summer weather is absolutely amazing, and we all want to be outside enjoying it. We all know that mosquitos and other pests will be out and biting. Select insect repellent products that are kind to your skin and protect from itchy bites instead of chemical-laden alternatives.

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