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Posted on: August 7, 2015

Is Something Bugging You?

It's summer -- feast time for for bugs of all types. Keep yourself and your family protected with a few simple tips.

Tuck it in

Start with common sense: If you're going to be where ticks flourish -- untended grassy areas and forests, for example -- wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts, tuck your socks into your pants, and add a hat or scarf. Take a hot, soapy shower afterward.

Go natural

DEET is the most effective insect repellent, but overuse it can cause rashes or blisters. Natural insect repellent products may be a little less effective but are safe for most people.

Looking for a natural spray or lotion? Go for herbal and hypoallergenic skin care products free of chemicals and DEET, or make your own with essential oils such as lavender or rose geranium.

Even essential oils can irritate skin, though, so experiment carefully.

Stay safe

Keep your family safe with a few simple precautions:
Use only enough bug repellent to cover exposed clothing or skin
Don't use it under clothing
Don't apply it over irritated skin, wounds, or cuts
When you get back inside, follow your usual easy skin care routine and wash all treated skin with soap and water
Wash treated clothing before wearing it again

Never put the spray directly on your face. Instead, rub some on your hands first, then apply it to your face. Apply repellent to children the same way -- by rubbing it on your hands and then on your child. Avoid rubbing repellent on children's hands.

With a little outdoor savvy and some basic skin care, you can do your best to keep your family bug and bite free this summer.

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