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Posted on: October 29, 2018

Is Retin-A Really Safe for Anyone?

Retin-A is a skin care product derived from vitamin A. It is a member of a family of vitamin A-based skin care products called retinoic aids that are prescribed by a dermatologist or esthetician to smooth out fine lines and treat outbreaks of acne. They are also used for sunspots, spider veins, and uneven skin tone. 

Benefits of Retin-A 

Retin-A stimulates the body into producing new blood vessels, which reduces spider veins and gives the skin a youthful glow. It helps to exfoliate the dull, dry skin cells at the very top of the epidermis and encourages the body to make new skin cells as well as the layer of supple collagen beneath them. This softens the look of wrinkles and lines. 

How to Use 

Using retinoic acid creams or gels is part of an easy skin care routine. However, they are best used at night because sun degrades them, and the removal of the top layer of skin cells removes some of the protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. If a person needs to go out into the sun after using Retin-A, they should wear a strong sunscreen. 

First, the person should wash their face and apply the cream or gel about 30 minutes afterward. The dermatologist, esthetician or spa student will tell the client exactly how much of the product to use. The client should not go above this, for too much retinoic acid can irritate the skin. 

The Results 

The benefits of Retin-A can be seen about four to six months after the skin care routine is started. Most people see a 30 to 40 percent reduction in wrinkles, especially in the crepey lines around the eyes. Their acne is cleared up and their skin pigmentation evener. Overall, their skin is smoother and brighter. 

Is it Safe For Everyone? 

Retinoic acids are safe for most people except those with the most sensitive skin. Those people may find it too irritating. Also, pregnant women or women who want to become pregnant should avoid Vitamin A based skin care products, as they have been linked to birth defects.

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