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Posted on: October 20, 2017

Is It Tough Being a Male Massage Therapist?

Massage therapy can be a perfect career for anyone who is good with the hands and wants to learn techniques that can help to ease other people's ailments. However, women have filled the position traditionally. Being a male massage expert or massage student can be challenging, but it also has some great pluses.

The Hard Facts

One of the hard facts of massage therapy is that some females will be reluctant to take services from a male. The reason is that the concept of massage has such a sensual stigma attached to it even though most of them are not sensual. A male massage student will have to somehow gain the trust of the female prospects. He can do it, but it will take a lot of hard work and patience dealing with a limited customer base for a while. Tenure and reputation will give people more confidence about choosing a male as their provider. A male specialist may have trouble providing service to males, as well. A new one may see reluctance from both genders, but with perseverance and hard work, he can have a breakthrough. 

The Good Part

The good thing about being a male day spa therapist is that he will probably attract customers who have severe muscle issues because of his strength. A male has bigger and stronger hands that may be able to penetrate the nerves and muscles in a way that can speed up a client's recovery. Another benefit is that there is much less competition for a male day spa massage specialist than there is for a woman. He will get all the business from the people who specifically want a male to conduct their therapy. The number of those clients may be high.

This career can work well for someone who is ambitious and wise. Some males in this profession have been working with clients for several decades.

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