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Posted on: December 16, 2019

Is It Athlete's Foot?

Keep Your Feet Healthy

With daily foot care, you are less likely to have athlete's foot. This condition leads to having an itchy rash on your feet that typically begins between your toes. The causes of athlete's foot include the exposure to fungus along with failing to keep your feet clean and dry. If you don't keep your feet covered in public areas, such as in a gym's shower stalls, then you are more likely to contaminate the skin on your feet.

Curing Athlete's Foot with Home Remedies

Curing athlete's foot quickly is the best way to stop an infection that can spread. There are home remedies to overcome athlete's foot, including washing your feet frequently before drying your feet thoroughly. Some individuals will add rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to a pan of water before soaking their feet.

New Socks and Shoes

In addition, experts recommend buying new socks and shoes that aren't contaminated by the fungus that leads to the infection. You can sprinkle the anti-fungal powder into your shoes, or alternatively, you can apply special ointment on the skin between your toes to prevent the athlete's foot infection.

Visit a Day Spa

If you want to have healthy feet, then you should arrange a foot care appointment at a day spa. When you visit a spa for foot care, you must wash your feet in a whirling container filled with soothing hot water. The spa treatment for your feet might include the application of fragrant essential oils or soaking your feet in warm paraffin wax. The nail tech will trim your toenails, push back the cuticles and help you select a nail polish that makes you feel attractive. With clean feet and trimmed toenails, you are less likely to develop an infection that leads to flaky and itchy skin.

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