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Posted on: October 26, 2018

Is At-Home Laser Hair Removal Worth the Trouble?

A Day Spa Offers an Easy Skin Care Routine 

If you have excess facial or body hair, then you may try to remove it at home with a variety of skin care products such as depilatory creams. However, using these harsh skin care chemicals can irritate your skin. Alternatively, you might shave your skin with a manual shaver that cuts your skin or causes ingrown hairs. When these old-fashioned hair removal methods aren't working fast enough, you may buy an expensive skin light device that is advertised on television. 

Avoid Damaging Your Skin 

The commercial for a skin laser device will make it seem as though it works quickly to eliminate unwanted hair from your face, legs or arms, but the reality is that a store-bought skin light device has a low-power level, so it can take a long amount of time to reduce your hair growth. In addition, a skin laser device might emit ultraviolet light that can damage your skin in the same way that sunlight causes discolorations and fine lines. 

Fast Hair Removal at Spas 

When you want to remove excess hair quickly and safely, a local day spa has the right types of skin care products for your skin's type. An esthetician can determine if professional waxing or plucking of the hair is more appropriate. Rather than spending several hours each week trying to eliminate excess hair and destroying hair follicles, you can have faster spa treatments at your favorite day spa. 

Stimulate Collagen Release 

You can continue to use your skin light device at home to eliminate a few unwanted hairs from your body or face as part of an easy skin care routine. Using these types of modern devices can also stimulate the production of natural collagen to improve the texture of your skin.

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