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Posted on: June 25, 2018

How to Take Constructive Criticism as a Student

Being a massage therapist allows you to bring joy and wellness to people. If you are interested in this career, then it is time to enroll in massage school. Read on to find out how to take constructive criticism as a student. 

How To Handle Criticism 

Massage therapy school provide students with an environment to practice and refine their skills. Students often have to participate in labs. These labs allow for a massage student to practice massage techniques on other students while being observed by the instructor. During these labs, your instructor uses this time to critique and give feedback to students. 

You have to remain open-minded to constructive criticism. It is an opportunity to increase your knowledge and improve your skills. 

How Students Grow From It 

It may not feel good receiving criticism, but you need to put your ego aside. This criticism should cause you to want to change. You should respond by acting on this advice and feedback. This response further increases your growth and development. 

The Benefits To Being Open To Learning Things The Right Way 

Constructive criticism is different from critique. It is not negative feedback. Instructors usually give constructive criticism after observing students over a period of time. They are trying to teach you the right way to give massages. This feedback provides you with strategies to improve your skills. At the same time, your instructor is providing you with encouragement and support. 

Understanding The Severity Of Mistakes 

Massage therapy is a field that involves your body and health. A massage therapist is of better help to a client when knowing extensive information about the field. If you are incompetent, then you can injure a client. This mistake can lead to damage to your reputation and lawsuits. 

Benefits Of Learning And Teaching Others 

A formal education in massage therapy improves your ability to learn with learning strategies. It also provides you with the motivation to study the class material. You can also benefit from teaching fellow classmates and clients. Teaching helps you to develop the skill of describing your ideas well enough for others to use. 

If you want to climb the ladder in a day spa, then you must have the ability to make a client feel comfortable. It starts by seeking out ways to learn from the professionals.

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