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Posted on: April 6, 2017

Training for an esthetician career will give you an exciting and rewarding future. While the terms esthetician and skin care technician are often used interchangeably, an esthetician is more than someone who can perform spa treatments. Since the skin is the immune system's first line of defense, you must know how to ensure client safety as much as you know customer satisfaction. A skilled skin care technician carefully assesses skin condition and uses a sterile technique with every client. Since the skin readily absorbs substances massaged into it, you must ensure all treatment chemicals are fresh, stored under proper conditions and correctly applied. The most successful estheticians have extensive knowledge of the skin, nails, and body hair, as well as safe practice.

Top estheticians are also expected to perform a variety of enhancing, and corrective beauty treatments such as skin laser, massage, eyelash extensions, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, make-up, manicures, and pedicures. As you can see, you will have an astounding array of high-tech tools and methods to master during school and throughout your career. 

Aside from learning how to perform treatments and maintain equipment, one of the most critical elements of your esthetician career will be carefully combining customer service, managerial expertise and business savvy. This is true whether you own your own practice or work for someone else. Clients can get a basic facial anywhere. To succeed, you must rise above the competition and provide a stellar experience for your clients. If you’re considering going back to school or you’re already enrolled, you need to develop several strategies for inspiring customer loyalty because it is a cadre of devoted clients that will help maintain and expand your practice, making you into an established professional esthetician. 

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