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Posted on: June 12, 2019

How To Rack Up Great Reviews

How To Rack Up Great Reviews as a Massage Therapist

Specializing in massage therapy is never an easy job, and in this day and age, more and more would-be customers are turning to sites such as Google Reviews and Yelp to help them decide which licensed massage therapist to choose in their area. For small businesses focused on massage and spa treatments, this means that positive reviews can be hugely helpful for getting the word out on great service, while negative reviews can often reduce business to a standstill. 

1. Making the Grade in a Tough Business Climate

So how does one go about racking up great reviews in an age of online testimonials and a deluge of surly customers with a digital soapbox to voice their complaints far and wide? It may seem tricky at first, but the truth is that with a bit of practice and understanding of customer psychology, businesses will find that many customers can't wait to write five-star reviews about their favorite day spa at the nearest opportunity. 

2. Most Customers Simply Want to be Heard

The first thing to keep in mind when giving customers the right impression of your business is that empathy really counts in customer relations. A client who is in a bad mood may simply be having a bad day, for example, and given time and space to vent, they'll forget that they were ever upset, to begin with. It's never fun to deal with such a person, of course, but by offering to listen to their concerns about a given issue, you'll show that your business truly cares about your customers, and you'll earn great reviews in the process.

3. Don't Take Negative Reviews Personally

The reasons why a person may give a negative review are many, but there are numerous ways that we can put even the most scathing reviews to good use when they are posted on sites such as Yelp. By treating such reviews as valuable feedback on our performance, we can often look at areas where we might up our customer service game. Perhaps we're not good at small-talk, or perhaps social anxiety leaves us in a rut when dealing with new clients. These are things that can be fixed with a bit of practice, and they'll do wonders for our business. 

4. Learning from Our Harshest Critics

In a way, negative reviews can be some of the best places for us to learn about our shortcomings; after all, there is often more truth to be found in a critical take on our skills than in a polite but vague review. Of course, some reviews are simply written out of spite by members of the public with a chip on their shoulder, but we should be careful to consider whether some of our harshest critics have good viewpoints to share with us. 

So while it may feel intimidating at times to deal with the occasional moody client, don't let a few negative reviews get you down. By listening to the needs of clients and building on your strengths, you'll not only help your spa thrive, but you'll also increase the reputation of your business in the process. And with the right approach to customer service and a positive attitude towards the benefits of online customer recommendations, your future will be very bright indeed!

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