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Posted on: June 7, 2019

How to Handle Back to School Stress

How to Handle Back to School Stress

Going back to school after a summer break can be hard, but returning many years away can feel truly burdensome. While you're hopefully excited about the new opportunities that further education can bring you, you're also likely feeling some nervousness. These are some tips for how to handle back to school stress.


When you're stressed, your thoughts can feel like they're out of your control. What you might not know is that thoughts are always out of your control. The more you try to control them, the bigger they become. Meditation teaches us to just let our thought be. Through daily meditation, you can just let your thoughts be and choose if/how you'll engage with them. 

Think About Benefits

Just staying in place can feel comfortable, but it doesn't do anything for you. Life changes, like going back to school, lead to life successes. You could find your passion or start a new career this way. There might be some self-doubt and trouble along the way, but you can't expect to find contentment if you're constantly holding yourself back. Sometimes, we need to soldier on and take a chance on something that is truly worth it. 

Address Your Fears

Having fear doesn't signify weakness. If it wasn't for fear, our ancestors wouldn't be able to protect themselves. But overcoming fear is a noble pursuit, as long as you aren't shaming yourself for said fear. If you're dealing with serious stress and anxiety related to school, think about what you're most afraid of. Is it that you won't be able to display good time management skills? Is it that you'll have to adapt to new styles of learning. Write out your fears, discuss them with a confidante, or do anything else that keeps them from being bottled up. 


Self-care is what gets people through stressful situations. If you're stressed about school, do all you can to prepare. Then, just let yourself relax. You could be a spa student and get a massage or soak in a hot tub. You could join a group of non-traditional students. Whatever you decide, let it be something that really lets you put your mental well-being first.

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