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Posted on: June 12, 2017

How To Get A Great Testimonial

Many people look at customer testimonials prior to booking an appointment with a day spa. That is why customer testimonials can help a massage therapist build their business. There are several things that people who give spa treatments can do to get a great testimonial. You can supply your customers with an evaluation form after they get their massage. This makes it convenient for your customers. It only takes a few minutes to fill out an evaluation form.

You can also ask your customers to do a video testimonial with you. The customer can share what they liked about their massage and other spa treatments. You can put this video testimonial on your website. You can also post this video on YouTube. These are also great ways to promote your day spa.

Additionally, social media is a great place to promote a testimonial. You can ask your customers to post about their massage therapy experience on social media. There are several social networking sites where people can post customer reviews. This includes Facebook and Instagram. You may also want to post the testimonials on your website. This is another convenient option for customers because they can post their testimonial from the comfort of their own home.

One of the key things that you can do in order to consistently get great customer testimonials is to provide stellar service. Make sure that you ask your customers about what they liked about the service and what you can do in order to improve it. People will not mind telling others about a great experience that they had with their massage therapist. Customers often get information about great massage therapy and spa treatments from their family members and friends.

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