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Posted on: January 25, 2019

How To Cure Sick and Damaged Nails

How to Heal and Prevent Damage to Your Nails

Treating your sick or damaged nails has a lot to do with prevention. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget about them, especially if you’re not someone that’s receiving a regular manicure. Remember that acrylics nail damage can lead to soft brittle nails. An SNS manicure is said to be better than acrylic or shellac nails, however, they still can cause nail damage. You also need to worry about peeling nails. As we age, our bodies produce less oil and moisture over time. Check out the following to keep your nails looking clean and healthy! 

Avoid Biting! 

By biting your nails, you can transfer bacteria and viruses from your fingers to your mouth. You also risk the chance at breaking the skin and setting yourself up for an infection or ingrown nail. As tempting as it is to bite a growing hangnail off, it’s a bad idea for your nail’s health. It’s far better to just cut it off. 

Wash, Wash, Wash 

Remember that bacteria can accumulate under your nails as you go about your daily business. When washing your hands, make sure to scrub out under your nails as well. Bacteria builds under and around our nails. We are constantly touching different dirty surfaces with our hands, and this leads to nail damage. 

In addition to the preventative measures against chipped and split nails above you can also take medication. Keratin treatments, biotin, and soaking your nails in olive oil have all shown to have positive benefits. Using a moisturizer helps as well. Most of what you need to do maintain your nail’s healthy appearance is based on prevention and daily care. Remember, your nails are important!

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