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Posted on: September 30, 2020

How the Spa Student Should Handle a Difficult Client

Dealing with difficult clients is part of a day spa profession. The majority of clients are very happy and relaxed when they visit the spa, but sometimes you may deal with an issue that needs you to shine in your client relations skills. Regardless of whether the client is right or not, it is important you handle the situation intelligently to protect the integrity of the business.

Studying Human Behavior

As a spa student, you have to understand that clients that visit the spa don't necessarily come to look better but to feel better. We are part of that whole experience, more than a spa treatment. They rely on us to make them feel pampered and well taken care of. This is why some people take their frustration out on the very people who are there to service them. By keeping this in mind, you won't take their behavior personally.

Empathize by Putting Yourself in Their Shoes

As difficult as their behavior may seem, it is actually easier to have empathy and feel compassion for them rather than getting frustrated yourself. Approach the situation with open ears and try to listen beyond their words. You may pick up on signals that uncover a deeper problem that is happening in their lives.

Sometimes all the difficult client needs are for someone to listen to their frustration and help them get back into a positive state of mind before their spa treatment. You play a key role in helping them relax and enjoy the session for which they came to the spa.

Include a colleague in the Conversation

Sometimes a situation is diffused by bringing in a third person or manager into the conversation. It may bring a fresh perspective that could be the solution the client is looking for. Having a third person or manager also motivates the difficult person to be more diplomatic instead of being difficult in front of both of you. Someone who is viciously looking to take advantage of their client status may come to their senses when there are two of you.

Practicing these techniques will help you exercise calm and strength in front of any difficult client. As a spa student, you have the opportunity to start fresh with the habits you'll carry on in your career. Remember to always come back to your center so that you don't get swept away with other people's difficult behavior. Seeing opportunities from conflict will help you resolve difficult situations and will encourage clients to engage in a positive manner during their day spa experience.

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