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Posted on: September 24, 2018

How Meditation Can Improve Your Skin

Your skin acts as a thermometer for your emotions. Your skin might turn pale when you're scared or pink when you get embarrassed. Your complexion can appear dry, sallow, or even make you look older if you have gone through a difficult period. By using meditation to improve skin, you can get to the heart of what is bothering you at your core essence. Once you do that, you can often find that the condition of your skin improves over time. 

A new field of research called psychodermatology looks at the connection between skin and the mind. The field examines the different effects of emotion on your skin. Psychodermatology seeks to bridge the gap between our mental and emotional states with the overall state of our health. One area that experts study in this growing field is the effect of meditation and healthy living on your skin. 

The Benefits of Using Meditation to Improve Skin 

  1. It Reduces Negative Feelings and Emotions One study found that subjects with psoriasis who listened to relaxation tapes while receiving ultraviolet light treatments healed four times faster than the other people in the study. 

  2. It Slows Down Aging Meditating can make your complexion brighter and reduce the appearance of wrinkles over time. 

  3. It Improves Your Confidence and Sense of Self-Worth Another reason to keep up your daily skin care routine is that it can contribute to your sense of self. When you look good, you feel good. 

  4. It Can Help You Make Healthy Choices Meditating can help make you more aware of your breathing and your body. With this awareness, you can become more present in your current circumstances. The practice can allow you to slow down and take your skin care seriously by doing such things as visiting an esthetician. 

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