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Posted on: January 11, 2019

How Massage Affects Your Mood

Massage Therapy for Overcoming Stress 

Improving your mood is one of the best reasons for visiting a day spa for a professional massage. A massage therapy student will learn how to notice a client’s facial expressions and body language to provide the best massage therapy services. When a client is experiencing stress, she may have a body that looks tense, and she may also have a grumpy expression on her face. In addition, this client may look extremely fatigued because of the constant detrimental feelings from stress can make it impossible to sleep. For this type of client, the therapist should choose a soothing and relaxing form of bodywork. 

Professional Bodywork at a Day Spa can Relieve Your Mood Swings 

Alternatively, when a client has mood swings, it is often caused by problems with the hormonal levels. This type of problem typically occurs in females during pregnancy or from menopause. A client who has fast changes in mood may seem extremely energetic for a few minutes, but she may begin to cry immediately afterward. If a client is pregnant, then she should inform the massage therapy student so that it is easier to plan a safe form of bodywork that focuses on relieving discomfort in the back while stimulating the female hormone glands. 

Reduce Depression with the Right Type of Massage Treatment 

Depression is a common condition for males and females, but it can last for only a few weeks or for several years. When a client is depressed, he might have a sad facial expression with a frown and tired-looking eyes. In addition, the entire body of the client may seem unhappy with poor posture and a slow gait while walking. This type of client may speak in a quiet voice, or he might sigh loudly while you are talking to him. The mood that you are in when you have massage therapy at a day spa can also change the way that you feel about the experience, so it is important to keep an open mind while having bodywork.

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