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Posted on: June 19, 2020

How Does Coffee Affect The Body?

Coffee is one of life's simple pleasures. From its rich taste to providing an energy boost coffee is pretty much a staple in every household. People drink coffee for many reasons. Some love the rich aroma while others sip it while studying schoolwork or relaxing in a day spa.

However, as delicious as coffee is, it shouldn't be overconsumed. Coffee is known for its high caffeine count, which can be dangerous if too much is consumed.

Here’s how coffee can affect the body.


Coffee is one of the causes of insomnia. Insomnia is a sleep disorder where people have difficulty going to sleep. Coffee can make this condition worse. This is because caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and can remain there for as long as five hours. This is why it’s highly recommended you stay away from any source of caffeine in the afternoon and evening.

High Blood Pressure

Coffee can also increase your BP. It's thought that caffeine triggers a person’s adrenaline or that it halts the hormones that affect the arteries. While this isn’t always something to worry about, having high blood pressure with arrhythmias from caffeine consumption needs to be avoided. In addition, if you’re someone who already has high blood pressure, only drink coffee if your doctor clears it.

Problems With Absorption

Finally, too much coffee can have an impact on the way a person’s body absorbs and metabolizes calcium. As a result, it can lead to various medical conditions like osteoporosis and muscle atrophy. And on the topic of muscles, drinking too much coffee can cause muscle twitching as well.

Whether you're a spa student needing a little boost or just someone who enjoys drinking coffee, make sure you're drinking coffee in moderation. If you think you're relying too much on coffee to get through the day, speak to your doctor about weaning off.

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