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Posted on: July 6, 2020

How Can I Improve My Spa Service Productivity?

So, you are looking to bolster the productivity of your spa, and you are wondering what steps you should take to improve the output. Well, you came to the right place.

It is common for spa owners to have output targets. However, many of them never create effective strategies that would enable them to achieve these targets. It is your job as a spa owner to evaluate and detect areas that require improvements to improve productiveness.

The spa business is primarily services, which means that its profitability is directly affected by the employees’ capabilities. Therefore, it is essential that your strategies appropriately utilize the staff and prioritize the right activities affecting productivity.

Strategies to improve productivity.

1. Accelerate training.

The level of skills that the spa’s staffs possess should be of great interest to the management since it directly affects the output. A staff member lacking the skills to perform certain spa services is likely to avoid recommending these services to clients, which affects output. Ensure that you have a rigorous training program in place where spa students get to learn about all the services offered, thereby creating an excellent working environment. Well-trained staffs are likely to offer and recommend several spa services to clients, which boosts output.

2. Increase client frequency.

A golden rule in the spa business is to ensure that your clients are always coming back sooner. A strategy that you could use is making the pre-booking of clients part of standard procedure. At the same time, ensure that your appointments are scheduled in a system to avoid any conflicts. Moreover, introduce tools to increase customer frequency like emails, courtesy calls, automated marketing calls, and booking portals.

3. Embrace a selling system.

A spa is a business just like any other, and when nothing is being sold, output is affected. Train your staff to offer to the clients more than the requested spa treatments. They should be able to offer other spa services and products or recommend other services provided by other staff members. When the staff embraces a selling attitude, they work as a team and create more revenue, which dramatically boosts sales.

4. Motivate your staff.

As aforementioned, the spa business mostly deals in services which makes it directly related to your employees. As such, you need to ensure that you engage your employees and ensure they are well motivated. Motivated employees love what they do and offer excellent services. This in turn improves your client retention and improves your reputation, which attracts new clients and boosts output.

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