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Posted on: April 24, 2016

Guess What....It's Your Purse!

As a woman, it’s incredibly easy to throw everything you need into a purse and leave the house in a hurry. What’s far harder to deal with is the effects of carrying heavy purses! Overfilled bags wreak havoc on your shoulders leading to neck pain, back pain, and even headaches. If you’ve felt like you carried the weight of the world around in your over-sized purse, it’s time for a massage.

A massage therapist works to soothe aching muscles so that you feel like yourself once again. They’ve seen the effects of carrying heavy computer bags too many times. Massage therapy reduces pain, eases muscle tension, and alleviates stress. No one feels happy when they hurt!

Massage therapy for aching back works to correct the stress caused by unpadded purse straps and unevenly distributed purses and the effects of carrying heavy computer bags. By gently massaging the area with the worst pain, the professional giving the massage is able to ease the symptoms that you’ve experienced because of your large and overfilled purse.

If you insist on carrying a big bag, pay close attention to your posture. Keep your shoulders relaxed, down and back, and refrain from leaning to one side. If you can’t stand that way easily, make sure to switch purses from time to time. Only carry the large bag when you need to and opt to carry just your cell phone and wallet whenever you can. Try to select a bag with a padded shoulder strap to prevent it from digging into your shoulder and arm.

That’s why massage therapy for aching back exists. It provides relief from the effects of carrying heavy purses. It gives women solutions in the form of massage. If you haven’t yet seen for yourself the benefits of massage therapy after lugging a big purse around, it’s time you’ve found a massage therapist in your city.

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