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Posted on: December 1, 2015

A Journal of Gratitude Can Transform Your Life

Affirmations are for the moment but keeping a journal evokes a lifetime's benefit from gratitude. Persons that make it a habit of not only finding but writing down the positive aspects of life go about increasing happiness. This seemingly common wisdom is getting backing from the highest of educational institutions. Read on to witness how UC-Davis with the University of Miami have found this easy and affordable method for decreasing depression and stress.   A startling example of this came from doctors Robert Emmons of UC-Davis and Michael McCullough from the University of Miami. They organized three groups of participants. The first were keeping a grateful journal dealing with their day. Second group made a diary of the events that irked them on a daily basis. Finally, the third were to write with neither aspect in mind. Ten weeks ensued and the people that had the attitude of gratitude felt better with about their lives. This manifested itself in fewer visits to the doctor. Energized by this, the participants of the first group were found to increase the level of exercise.   A healthy practice of taking the time to journal in conjunction with massage therapy exponentially increases the boons of a positive mindset. A variety of different types of massage therapy are available either for physical ailments, mood enhancement, or to assist in the relaxation that gratitude allows. So take a proactive stance to not only decrease stress but multiply your joy through the art of massage and keeping a daily journal of what you are grateful about in life. Everyone has the power to transform their life by just approaching at in with a positive outlook. The steps are affordable with invaluable benefits to those that follow through and live a life of gratitude.

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