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Posted on: May 22, 2016

Going Natural!

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Why You Should Look for a Natural Sunscreen

When looking for a sunscreen for the face, it is always best to use natural sunscreen products. For many of us, applying sunscreen is an important part of our morning skin care regimen. Skin care products are absorbed into the blood stream, so using organic sunscreen products just makes sense.


Organic sunscreen products are free of parabens and other harmful chemicals that can disrupt estrogen receptors in the body. Because sunscreen and other lotions stay on the skin longer than soaps and shampoos, it is important to always select natural sunscreen products, ideally organic sunscreen products.


The great thing about organic products and other forms of natural skin care is that these products are practically good enough to eat. This is important since an overload of estrogen disrupters in the blood stream is actually correlated with infertility and some cancers. Avoiding these chemicals is an important part of a healthy, natural lifestyle, and using organic sunscreen products will prevent unnecessary irritation.


Conventional products can be very harsh on the face. Have you ever noticed that burning feeling when using sunblock? This is not the case with organic sunscreen products. Organic skin care products feel better on your skin. Using products that are free of harsh chemicals will feel better, especially on your face.


Avoiding sunscreen altogether can lead to sunburn, premature aging, and even skin cancer. By moisturizing your skin with natural sunscreen products, you can stay looking your best and avoid a sunburn without compromising your natural lifestyle. These days we are careful about every little thing that goes into our mouth. Shouldn’t we be just as careful about what goes on our skin? Selecting the right sunscreen is an important part of going natural.

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