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Posted on: August 13, 2015

An esthetician is in the skin care business, and the job field comes with some realities most don't learn while they're still in school. As with any profession, it comes with both pros and cons. Although challenges exist any stage career stage of being a skin care specialist, keeping them in perspective will go a long way in terms of avoiding burn-out.  

Experiences of an Esthetician

New estheticians right out of school can face several challenges in terms of job placement. A large percentage of spas will not hire new graduates without prior experience, so finding an entry-level position may take a while. A growing number of new graduates find a solution by serving an apprenticeship for three to six months under the supervision of an experienced esthetician. Another reality of this field is that economic downturns can drastically cut into any esthetician's income. Clients often cut back on visits, since they usually consider them non-essential. Many spas also require estheticians to maintain their own clientele and keep a certain quota percentage of the business's total income.

Tips on Being an Esthetician

After completing esthetics school, new graduates are encouraged to seek out the jobs they are confident will fit their preferences and personalities. Being flexible with hours is a must, and it's important to remember that any esthetician needs to have a friendly and professional manner with all clients. Another important piece of advice is to find a good mentor and to always keep learning. Skin care is a dynamic field, and no esthetician knows everything. Staying up to date on the latest skin care products and procedures is both attractive to employers and essential to building a strong clientele that will keep coming back.

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