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Posted on: March 20, 2015

Often, a lot of people don’t want to talk to their competition. This is a mistake, and you will learn a lot about your industry and the trends if you know your co-workers and people in your field. For this reason, if you work in massage therapy, you should network, and here are three reasons why this is true. Learn about the industry: Think about it, if you work as a massage therapist, you will want to know about the industry. Not only will you want to know about regulations, rules and new government issues, but you will also want to understand what is going on behind the scenes. That way, when you want to make any changes to your plan, you are ready to do so. Jobs: While you may have a good job now, it’s always wise to consider your other options. Not only that, if you are working for someone else, you may have a hard time holding onto your job for the long haul. But, if you engage in networking with massage therapists, you will have an easier time finding out what opportunities, if any, exist in your city. Charge the right prices: Finally, you won’t want to charge too little for your services. If you do, you are going to hurt your industry, and you are not going to make as much money. This is a big problem for some, and you can avoid it if you sit down with your fellow massage therapists and talk it over. Then, when doing so, you can avoid over or under charging your clients. With these three reasons, you can easily see why you should care about your community. When doing so, you can learn a lot about your industry, all while saving yourself a lot of trouble.

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