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Posted on: March 20, 2017

While many future massage therapists give little thought to the type of environment in which they would prefer to work after completing their classroom training, an internship can often provide the massage student with the direction that he or she needs to begin a successful career. Whether a former massage student chooses to practice in a spa, chiropractor's office or a hospital, finding the right workplace can often determine the level of career satisfaction that a massage therapist experiences. 

The first step toward selecting the right job setting for a massage therapist begins during the internship portion of his or her training; maintaining an exceptional academic record may also be a good way for massage therapy students to ensure that they have plenty of options when it comes to internships. Whether completed in a spa or a hospital, internships often prove to be the link between the classroom and the workplace. 

Although finding a hospital internship may prove to be challenging, such an atmosphere is not only an excellent way to practice the techniques learned in school, but great experience that can later be applied to a career. Interning at a hospital may also provide massage therapy students with the chance to land a job that they love and the benefits that come with working for a hospital. From giving a patient a therapeutic massage to comforting the ill, a hospital internship can prove to be one of the most rewarding educational experiences available. 

While many students feel as though they are ready for the workplace after completing their classroom training, applying theory in a professional environment that serves living people is a significant part of any educational endeavor. Massage therapists who have the luxury of choosing between internships will often find that they are better prepared for a career.

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