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Posted on: May 5, 2016

Customer Service in Massage Therapy

Running a successful business as a massage therapist entails more than just having a high level of skill (though that is certainly an important aspect of the work). Clients come to a massage therapist due to the skill they provide and their ability to understand what the client really needs. There is another important aspect of this business, however, and that is in providing massage therapy customer service. Clients who come to a therapist are expecting a high level of massage therapy customer service, which means that attention to detail provided is a crucial part of the business of massage therapy.

Here are some tips on providing good customer service for clients, to ensure their happiness with their treatment.

 1. Provide a clean and neat area for the treatment. Clients who come in for a treatment are are putting themselves in a vulnerable position, and it’s important for them to feel they can trust their massage therapist. A clean, well-lit and comfortable setting is very important for establish trust in the client-masseuse relationship.

  2. Be clear about costs and how payments are received. During the treatment, the client should feel relaxed and at ease. Taking payments in advance will relieve any worry about costs, allowing the client to enjoy the experience fully.

  3. Use aromatherapy. Scented candles and oils can lend a very relaxing aspect to the overall experience. Aromatherapy is very relaxing and healing as well.

These tips on providing good customer service during massage therapy are intended to enhance the overall massage experience, so it can be a happy one for both the client and the therapist. Great customer service will make the massage business more profitable, and more enjoyable for everyone involved, so be sure to use these tips in your next session.

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